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I’ve always been tempted to move to Scotland. I mean, my dad lives there, the fishing is fantastic, it’s generally a good looking place, I like mountains and it feels more homey to me.

The Scottish independence thing makes me want to move there just that tiny bit more. But I wanna move there eventually anyway… But I don’t know. 

Thinking about my future used to scare me. Now it’s actually making me feel better and I’m getting excited and a little happy again. 

But still, first things first. CBT, Bike, New job (or maybe uni… I’m really tempted by uni…) But then there’s other stuff I want to do, like save up to go visit America. And meet all these awesome people that have influenced my life over the last few years. Gah. 

Okay okay. I’m excited. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do once I’m better. I really feel like I’m almost the best me I can be. And that’s pretty exciting. I just am at a sort of depression stand-still for a reason such as nothing that good other than stuff I make happen is happening. And then there’s the whole lonely thing. But that’ll pass. It always does. 



"This is what I travel for…"

Aliens of London - series 01 - 2005


why did this change? 

What happened to just seeing things happen and getting a chance to watch as history was made and possibly (always) finding out something wasn’t quite right and fixing it leaving history non the wiser?

The excitement of something new happening right in front of your very eyes, this was what made me fall in love with Doctor Who, this is why I go back time and time again to see it once more.  

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